My new collection of poems was selected by C.D. Wright as the winner of the 2014 AROHO/ To the Lighthouse Poetry Prize!  It will be released by Red Hen Press on September 22, 2016!

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I chose SIX not in spite of but because of its discursiveness, its willingness to wander through the poem with technique at hand, but also a permit to allow both substantive and ephemeral material to wander into the field of the poem and exit without a conclusive goal in mind. It’s an accumulative project, inclusive, and busy about the business of sifting and sorting through this thing we call life that we carry out in this creation we call a body on this tumultuous blue orb we call earth.       —C.D. Wright

Catechism: A Love Story, released on March 25, 2016!
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"CATECHISM: A LOVE STORY is a gorgeous collection of poetic essays on reading, loving, and, most delightfully, reading love between the lines. Julie Marie Wade's prose refuses tradition and convention, the expected beginnings and endings, preferring instead to investigate the gray unknowns of ritual and sacrament in life, reading, and love. She writes, 'Now the pages are scribbled with the Possible.' Hers is a daring and true way to not only write but to live."       —Jenny Boully

"Julie Marie Wade spins myths and portraits, essays and verse, about interrogating tradition, questioning gender, and reaching for a new, blessed life. Catechism: A Love Story is a rosary for former Catholic school girls who dare to hold hands down in the wreck."       —Daisy Hernandez